Menginstall AWN Window Manager

20 05 2008

Langkah pertama: Update Repository
Tambahkan baris berikut ke /etc/apt/sources.list

deb gutsy avant-window-navigator
deb-src gutsy avant-window-navigator

Tambahkan PGP key ke Aptitute dengan cara :


sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator-bzr awn-core-applets-bzr

Konfigurasi dan Menjalankan AWN
Setelah menginstall AWN, anda bisa menjalankannya dengan Application -> Accessories -> AWN.
Setelah AWN berjalan Anda dapat mengklik kanan pada Bar AWN dan mengatur Preferencesnya.


Repo Gutsy di Kambing UI

6 05 2008
### sources.list.kambing
### Repository dengan menggunakan server mirror
### Untuk rilis lain selain gutsy silakan ganti semua kata gutsy
### dengan misalnya dapper atau feisty
deb gutsy main restricted universe multiverse
deb-src gutsy main restricted universe multiverse
## INI UNTUK MAJOR BUG FIX UPDATES gutsy-updates main restricted universe multiverse
deb-src gutsy-updates main restricted universe multiverse
deb gutsy-security main restricted universe multiverse
deb-src gutsy-security main restricted universe multiverse

Cara penggunaan:

sudo mv /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.original
sudo cp sources.list.kambing /etc/apt/sources.list
sudo apt-get update

Ubuntu 8.04 LTD ( Hardy Heron ) Review

25 04 2008

Three days agao I downloaded Hardy RC, Ubuntu 8.04 from Indonesian Mirror kambing ui. There were some types of ISO I could choose, the alternates and the desktops (live CD). Both were for x64 and x86 machines. I decided to download the desktop (live CD) iso x86 since my laptop is x86.
With the speed of my internet connecttion it took me two days to download the iso with interruption of internet connection ( the hub was turned off by a friend). Using wget, that was not a problem. I continued the download from where it reached the last time.
As soon as the download finished, I checked the iso using VirtualBox for error, in case there were corrupt files. The result was Ok and then I tried the live CD within the Virtual Machine. It ran flawlessly with RAM only 256M.
Not much difference in appearance compared to Gutsy. There are of course improvement in Hardy ( Check out in
I also tried Firefox in VirtualBox after setting the network (using NAT, automatically it used DHCP). At that time my machine (ubuntu Gutsy) connect to the internet by Wireless LAN Broadcom BCM943xx).
After checking for some time, then I burnt the iso into CD with K3B. I rebooted my computer and run the live CD.
As in VirtualBox, it worked flawlessly without problem. The booting is quiet fast in my laptop: HP 520 Intel Celeron 1.8, 1 G RAM, Intel 945 shared, 80 G Hardisk (SATA), LAN and WLAN (Broadcom 943xx). The desktop effects worked out of the box since the VGA was Intel 945, so I didn’t need to set it up manually).
But before the Gnome Display Manager came up there was a message that the system could’t find the firmware of my wireless card. So then in live CD, I tried to set it up using System – Administration – Hardware Drivers. It automatically download and install b43-fwcutter (replacing bcm43-fwcutter) and fetch the firmware. Previously, I had tried in Beta and it failed to download the firmware.
Done and tried to connect to my access point. I didn’t know why I wasn’t able to connect though the the network wirelessly.

Maybe because I was in Live CD. So I installed it to my laptop. The wizard as usual was very easy to follow. The most important thing was to pay attention to the partitioning. And it started to install…..
Waited for about 15 minutes and suddently the install process was disappeared. It vanished in the step pof installing boot loader.
Trying for the second time had no different result.
I checked /boot and there was no grub folder there.
Googling and trying to get around with the GRUB instalation. As I had already installed Hardy beta before, I had already had menu entry for Hardy. It stated vmlinux.img-2.6.24-12generic and initrd-2.6.24-12. Working on it for some time and got no result.
Finally, I found out that the kernel version of Hardy Beta and RC were different. RC used 24-16 not 24-12. ( I was wondering for some time because my GRUB complained not finding the file needed to boot.
So, in conclusion to my trial on Hardy RC is the failure of the liveCD install to install GRUB.